Beirut Hall is a location of Lebanese cuisine, situated in the heart of Lviv. It's really easy to find the place as far as the flavor of herbs and fresh spices is felt before you reach the cafe. Lebanese cuisine is famous for its wide range of dishes with meat and vegetables grilled purely with olive oil, so the food is not only tasty, but also healthy. Plus, who doesn't love real eastern sweets? The connoisseurs of goodies can find a lot of dainties in the Beirut Hall for themselves.


The objective of the location is to sweep the guests with oriental cuisine and make them feel the real taste of Lebanon. A big variety of refreshments, salads and main courses are cooked entirely according to the recipes of the Lebanon cuisine. Every one who has ever been to the Near East, can remember the open-armed reception of guests and the home comfort which you feel at once after getting there. We adhere to these principles in our cafe, the only thing is that outside the window you will see the jewel of Western Ukraine – Lviv city.


At our address Pekarska Str., there used to be a place where the most delicious Lviv candies were made, during the reign of Poland. Thus, you can imagine the atmosphere and mood which prevails in our cafe and now. Each guest of Beirut Hall will definitely plunge into the world of Eastern gastronomy and feel himself the most eligible client.

A small country in the Near East with population that hardly reaches 4 million people is not big but an incredibly interesting one. Let's start with the fact that the most ancient city on Earth – Byblos – is situated there. The first alphabet was invented in this city. Legend says that Noah built the ark from well-known Lebanese cedars. A cedar is presented on the flag of the country, and it is highly respected and revered.

However, one of the best calling card of Lebanon is its food.


A Lebanese master chef cooks in Beirut Hall, so you can get to know such dishes as fatti, manakish, hummus, airan, and Lebanese halvah. Whatever you may choose, the main feature of every dish is the variety of tastes and spices. Also, lemon juice or some special seasoning is added to each meal, so that it not only makes the food delicious but also helps your health. Tea and coffee menu should be allocated as far as only they on the Near East are aware of all the finesses of this beverage.


Therefore, if you have a wish to travel around Lebanon – visit our place and feel the taste of the true East!

Visited “Beirut” yesterday. The interior is peaceful and intimate, the music is discreet, the dishes are most delicious, and the administrator is a very pleasant and friendly girl. I think that this place has no equal in Lviv. You will not regret visiting it. My husband and I were satisfied!!! Thank you!!!

Got there after a long journey by the recommendation of friends. If it's possible to combine everything in one place – charm, great interior, tasty food and excellent beer – this is the place. I can boldly recommend this location, as we wanted to taste absolutely everything there! If we pass through Lviv, we will definitely stop by this delicious & attractive place!

Came to the city of Lviv last weekend and accidentally visited your restaurant . Got the best impressions of the service and the cuisine. Everything is incredibly delicious. Your shashlik won my heart ;) If I come to Lviv again one day – I know the place to eat something tasty and to get pleasant impressions. Thank you!!!

A wonderful restaurant! Everything is so very sophisticated, but discreet. There is some pleasant and cozy atmosphere, always smiling staff, and amazingly delicious food there. Great mood you get by visiting this location always makes you come back again and again!!!

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Lviv, Pekarska street 5

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Lviv, Victoria Gardens

Lviv, King Cross Leopolis